Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is begun!

The past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of research to get my garden going.  We are going to be doing a container garden on the back porch of my mom's house.  There is a lot of space, and a good amount of sunlight in the right spots, so I think we will have something good going.  :)  I've been interested in gardening for a few years now and since there really isn't yard space, I'm excited that there's a lot of room on the deck to use.  And I think I have a really good container system going.  I opted to use Rubbermaid containers for the veggies, and different sizes of pots for the herbs.  It creates a really interesting visual scene that will be fun to watch progress!  In a few days when I have a few more minutes, I'm going to post a step-by-step of how I put my containers together, and I hope it will be helpful for others.  This is something that I would have liked to come across in my research, and I'm putting it out there so others can use it as well!  :)


We spent last Saturday gathering up everything, and then Sunday, we put it all together.
I am very pleased with the way it turned out, and am happy to say that I have even noticed some growth, minutely, in the few days since everything has been planted.  I went over there today to check on them, water, and add some mulch.  It makes me so happy!  Everything looks great, and the herbs are absolutely delightful!

We are growing 5 different varieties of tomato (Mr. Stripey, Big Boy, Cherry Red, SunGold, and Cherokee Purple), squash, romaine lettuce, and some herbs (thyme, cilantro, basil, chives, and mint).  I'm super excited to see them progress throughout the season and cannot wait to have pots overflowing with herbs and veggies!  Optimistic much??  hehe

I'm going to keep track of the progress here.  It's the best and easiest way for me to journal, and I will add pictures, so that it's pretty to look at.

The Herb Garden

The Veggie Garden
 Stay tuned for more news from the back porch.  :)

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